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Hey! My name is WP-Brain, and I’m a fantabulous WordPress consultant.

I’ve got a knack I’ve earned over 6 years—I can turn any WordPress setup into a custom, powerful (and newbie-friendly) CMS. Are you a WordPress newbie, designer, developer, or marketer in need of some guidance? Check out what I can do for you!

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When I’m not working, I’m blogging. Take a look at my latest posts.

So you want to take your WordPress site to the root URL of your site. It’s actually a bit simpler than it seems!

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I want to quickly share a WordPress insider tip that has helped my workflow tremendously. I haven’t met many people who know about it!

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My answer: yes.

I can help you with anything WordPress-related, including SEO on WordPress. Don’t believe me? Email me—I enjoy a challenge.

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