Diana, Web Designer

My name is Diana Lopez and I cannot get enough of WordPress.

After 6 years as a web designer & developer, and through dozens of diverse client sites, I’ve learned how to turn any WordPress setup into a custom, powerful (and newbie-friendly) CMS.

Examples of my work

CasinoFrance.org screenshot


I designed & built CasinoFrance.org from scratch to be a robust community and gaming website.


NanjingVolunteers.org screenshot


I worked with John Hopkins University to create a community website that connects volunteers & organizations in China.


Services I offer

I offer consultation on Learning WordPress to Blog, WordPress Customization, and more for WordPress newbies, designers, and marketers.

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Should we work together?

My answer: yes.

I can help you with anything WordPress-related, including SEO on WordPress. Don’t believe me? Email me—I enjoy a challenge.

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