I offer a wide range of services for WordPress newbies, designers, and marketers.

Don't see what you need? Contact me and I'll see what I can do for you.

Learn WordPress to Blog

Need to learn WordPress to kick off your blogging career? Learn WordPress fast & stress-free with a personal, positive instructor! Get this package ranging from $100–$300.

WordPress Theme Setup

If you've picked out a theme picked out, contact me and I'll get you up & running quickly! Includes content setup. Ranges $1,500–$2,500.

WordPress Debugging

Something funky with your WordPress setup? If some stuff just isn't working right (or you're getting the white screen of death), get this package. Ranges $100-$400.

WordPress Customization

If you want WordPress to bend to your will, contact me. I can do anything from community sites and ecommerce shops to web apps. This package ranges $400–$800.

Learn WordPress SEO

Learn how to optimize your site and content for search engines through WordPress with a personal Skype session OR in-person meeting (in Los Angeles). Ranges $100–$400.

Learn WordPress Theme Development

Designer with HTML skills? Learn theme development through a personal walkthrough. Increase your worth as a designer in just a couple hours. Ranges $500–$1,200.

Custom WordPress Theme

A website that matches your brand & needs. (Customization included. Magic will happen.) This is my bread & butter as a web designer of 6 years. Ranges $2,000-$8,000.

Custom WordPress Plugin

Got a special functionality in mind for your site and need someone to code it? I'm your gal. Save time & stress by getting it done professionally. Ranges $200-$1,500.

WordPress Plugin Design

So you've developed a great plugin—now you want to make sure people know how to use it. For UI/UX design help on your plugin's interface, get this package. Ranges $500-$2,000.

Should we work together?

My answer: yes.

I can help you with anything WordPress-related, including SEO on WordPress. Don't believe me? Email me—I enjoy a challenge.

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