A neat WordPress trick you probably don’t know about

Posted on August 8, 2015

WordPress screen options

I want to quickly share a WordPress insider tip. I haven’t met many people who know about it!

WordPress screen options

The “Screen Options” button

Have you ever noticed the Screen Options button in your WordPress admin area? It’s on every screen, in the top right corner.

It shows options for the stuff you’re editing. For example…

WordPress screen options: posts

Screen options in posts

With the screen options on the “All Posts” page, you can show/hide columns—which is handy if you have plugins that add unnecessary columns to your posts. You can even set the number of items you want to show per page.

Another example…

WordPress screen options: menu

Screen options for WordPress menus

In the menu section, you can use screen options to add attributes to your links! You can add link targets, very handy if you want a link to open on a new page.

Hope that helps!

My workflow in WordPress has gotten much smoother since discovering the screen options button. I hope it does the same for you!

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